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Signature Energy Work is based on two fundamental premises:

  1. The human being is more than just a body; it also includes the mind. The human mind extends far beyond the boundaries of material reality, and is a field of energy that includes emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.
  2. Pain, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical in origin, is the body-mind’s way of signaling us that change is needed.  Pain – illness, problems – signal an opportunity to grow. 

The challenge, of course, is in interpreting the signals and determining exactly how to grow. 

Signature Energy Work is a simple system for translating what the body-mind is telling us about the state of our personal energy field – what I call our “signature energy” – and how it can be changed to more accurately reflect our conscious choices, rather than our subconscious habits.  

commitment, as a human being, is to grow.  As a healer, my commitment is to assist my patients in their growth.  Signature Energy Work is the system that I use to accomplish both, and I invite you to explore it.

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