Welcome to SignatureEnergyWork.com

Welcome to Signature Energy Work.com

Signature Energy Work is based on two fundamental premises:                                                                                                                                      

  • The human being is more than just a body.
    It also includes the mind and spirit, which extend far beyond the boundaries of material reality, and are fields of energy which include thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

  • Pain is the being’s way of signaling that change is needed.
    Whether pain is emotional, mental of spiritual in origin, it signals a need for change, and an opportunity for growth. The challenge is to pay attention to these signals and determine how to grow.

Signature Energy Work is comprised of two parts:

  • Reading and interpreting the Signature Energy
    This can be done in person or remotely. The most productive readings are aimed toward answering a specific question, such as “What is the cause for this chronic pain?”, “What is the reason for this difficult life circumstance?”, or “What is my purpose or lesson, here?”

  • Healing the Signature Energy
    When your reading reveals an energetic pattern causing a negative emotion, physical condition, or life circumstance, we can heal the energy of this cause, in the body and its energy fields. We work together, using a variety of methods,
    to transform the manifestation of emotional, mental and spiritual energy in the body, thus transforming your own human “being”.

"Pain, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical in origin, is the body-mind’s way of signaling us that change is needed."


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